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Time travel, presently happens, second by second and in one direction, ( quantum space time aside) forward. Of course you can also use your memory to travel back to events that were then your present but you are always only able to physically be in the present.

Another connection between you, the past and the future is genetically, that is via your ancestors and your offspring. A thousand years back is around 40 generations and probably less moving forward. In fact, if people end up living to be 150 years old, then we can touch a thousand years with 7 related people.

We know what the past was, or rather some of it, as by and large, our ancestors are lost to obscurity. It’s really only people of significance who we know of and in the year 1022, even though our ancestors were living their second to second reality, their ancestral offspring (ie, you and me) is their only legacy. We know nothing of them nor the lives that they led.

We can now, thanks to advances in DNA understanding, through a simple saliva swab, know from what part of the world our ancestors came from. Which can go some way to helping people understand where they are from. For the last thousand years at least, as ultimately we all hail back to African origins.

Now here in 2022, as we all have our turn at living a second to second reality we are what the 1022’ers thousand year past world was, to the 3022’ers. In 3022, we will be a thousand years ago in their past.

Thinking this way, helps one to realise how, not only brief our time is but also frames our time period and how we can ripple effect the future. As it is, our actions of today that craft our future tomorrow’s.

In this way the #thousandyearclub, represents an awareness of our time period and what, we in the here and now can do, that will ripple effect the future through our acts/omissions.

With the advent of the internet, we all now have the ability (unintended as it may be) to and do, leave digital footprints. No doubt, future generations will have access to these in ways unimaginable to many.

We can’t really foresee very far into the future and this has been clearly demonstrated with the rise of a plethora of disruptive technologies. We can however, put ourselves into positions to better benefit from it.

Some years back, I remember reading about a tribe of indigenous native Americans who sold off their land and how much that amount would have been worth in the modern era if it had been invested. It was a staggering amount thanks to the effect of compounding interest.

I have considered for many decades now, that mankind would one day be able to regenerate people from the dead.

My primary considerations were to cryogenically preserve oneself upon passing, so that in 5, 50 or 500 years ( however long it took really), you could be regenerated.

I however didn’t like aspects of the process which damaged parts of the physiology through the freezing process.

I then considered an old school option, whereupon many naturalists such as Charles Darwin, preserved specimens in alcohol. This seemed a more viable option and potentially cheaper too.

I have never publicly before gone into the level of detail I am about to here. I have told very few people, my grand plan/vision.

My wife thought I was crazy and when doing my will in the military, they wanted to have nothing to do with it and told me to have that one crafted by my own private lawyer.

I have had people ask about, what would happen to the soul and what if the future wasn’t what you thought it would be? You know regenerated by robots and enslaved.

All of which may or may not apply, however there are many layers to this vision.

In a nutshell, here it is:

A person dies and has signed up to the time travel stasis program.

There is a fee payable and they are prepared and put in the preserving fluid.

There is no guarantee that they will be regenerated, however a percentage of their fee is divided into two areas.

  1. Research and development
  2. A bank deposit in their name

Point 1 speaks for itself, however, point 2 is the game changer. Compounding interest with the original investment doubling every 10 years or so has the potential to catapult to an as yet unparalleled level.

The idea being, that if takes 200 years to regenerate, then the regenerated individual will be worth a significant amount of money. Over this time, they can have scheduled lump payments to their descendants or choice of charity ( complicated but would all work via legal contracts).

All the while, R & D will be ongoing in the regeneration space with allowances made for stasis intergalactic travel when mankind is at that stage of development.

It might take 500 years or more, however I believe our future is intergalactic and people will be living in all parts of our universe.

Presently for all people, we live, then die.

This vision/scenario/opportunity creates a whole new option to our ancestral status quo.

Much more to follow, please stay tuned…….

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