A Vision of the Future


We all get so busy in our day to day lives, that a lot of us are just so focused on the here and now that, the future, just happens. I mean go to sleep at night, wake up and eventually it’s the future. Certainly you are a lot older and hopefully wiser and you may even feel like, there’s not much you can do about it. Time just passes, which ultimately means, as do we.

This has been the journey we all undertake, as did all those before us. Yet, just because it’s always been like this, doesn’t mean in this era, that you are obligated to continue in this way. In fact, with enough knowledge, you can engineer and craft the future. Instead of it just happening, or others creating it for you.

No doubt, you have the biggest self interest in your life and of those you love, those you hold near and dear. It therefore makes sense that we are all better guided by others who are also, so motivated.

Governments supposedly act in the interest of their constituents (and re-election) and corporations for their shareholders and profits. Both of these endeavours, seem sub optimal in terms of putting the individual front and centre as their primary concern.

A far better ideal, would be to have the individual, front and centre for every situation and scenario. This sounds radical and I’m sure something that initially sounds impossible to do too.

However, technology and the internet have allowed now for ideas to come to life in ways that would have, without them, been impossible not that long ago.

So in effect, what I’m talking about here is really quite new, avant- guard and at the cutting edge of a pioneering humanity 2.0.

It is as much revolutionary as it is evolutionary.

We’ve all seen the rise and rise of influencers who gain massive followings. Many do so through their ability to show amongst other things, how good they look in a bikini or having washboard abs. Nothing against any of those things or people being influencers, it’s just I liken this period as, Instagram 1.0.

“What”, I hear you ask, “Does Instagram 2.0 look like?” Well this is the evolutionary part and I believe, a game changer. It is a big part of what I’m trying to accomplish with a collective intelligence network.

Now, consider this scenario, subject matter experts, post on their Instagram account their latest thoughts on their area of specialty. Their followers/ tribe of like minded others who are also subject matter experts, comment and add their diverse inputs. In turn this transforms the original post into a much more, refined, developed, finessed and robust solution based on their collective expert knowledge and opinions.

This finding, which has had the benefit of a collective intelligence network applied rigorously to it, could then, via crowdfunding, raise the capital for it.

So we now have, a well thought through and scientifically backed solution to a problem with the money to pay for it. All that’s required now is to go to government and say, this was the problem, here are all the documentation and PhD level studies that have been used to develop the solution and here is the money to pay for it, make it happen.

Power and control have returned to the people, the individual. This is a collective intelligence network future. Put in a problem or a project and through the sheer volume of diverse inputs, solutions will be derived in a truly globally transformative way.

Much more to follow, please stay tuned……

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