Conjecturing, Considering, Contemplating Collective Connections!

All change, any change is a shift from routine……

See what happened then? Most people don’t like change and it may take a while to adapt to it. This has become even more pronounced in recent times with the rise of disruptive technologies, mainly enabled by the power of the internet and connecting individuals. Uber, AirBnb are but just two examples.

Now in the case of a collective intelligence network, the first dilemma is that people probably don’t know what it means or what that sort of world looks like. Fair enough as it sort of doesn’t exist at the moment, even though there are fledgling examples starting to appear. That said however, it is still very early days and no doubt, there will be a proliferation of players that will also enter the space over time.

Now consider your own online interactions. Think of your areas of interest and groups that you may be part of around them. In these groups there would be people who know things that you don’t know and maybe things you know that they don’t.

The point is (depending on your level of involvement and interaction within the group), the members overall would become more knowledgeable in their groups topic of interest. This is a micro example of a collective intelligence network. Wherein, all of us are smarter than one of us.

Now multiply all these varied groups and you have group nodes. If they were connected together then you have a semblance of a collective intelligence network. That is, if an individual didn’t know something, then chances are that, there would be a connected group somewhere that did.

Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide and also has groups. Joining the dots, it seems like a good place to start. I have created a Facebook group called, “Collective Intelligence Network”

Hope the above link works! And if it does, please feel free to join the group, welcome.

From my research, I have come across information that has helped me to confirm aspects of a collective intelligence network. It seems that there are three fundamental components.

  1. Personal use
  2. Commercial use
  3. Humanitarian use

In this regard and with the examples I’ve used in my other articles, there is a large humanitarian bias. That is not to say that the other two areas wouldn’t also come into play, however, I believe it demonstrates my motivation for wanting to create a collective intelligence network.

To be honest, I think ultimately there will be a plethora of options for connecting and collecting the wisdom of crowds. In some respects, they probably will become almost commodities driven by the power of the brand. Much like automobiles, televisions, breakfast cereals and everything else.

It is for this reason that, as but one driver amongst so many options and alternate destinations, I have to try and build a support base that wants to also arrive at the same destination as me. Because as we know, take away the driver and you’re going somewhere else.

Comparatively, at this stage, with no followers and no one having even read any of my articles to register on my stats, I feel like I’m in a tiny rowboat, all alone. Much bigger enterprises will be able to offer all the bells and whistles and welcome you on board as if you were walking up the gangway to their luxury cruiser.

Now, it makes perfect sense to me that people the world over will naturally gravitate to systems that are going to potentially financially or otherwise enrich them. Bearing in mind, we aren’t there yet. Which is why I use the #originalcin, what I’m doing is original and if endeared and supported by enough people will be the luxury cruiser option. But we all have to start somewhere, have a beginning, this is mine/ours.

Now it’s all well and good to begin with the end in mind, however you do need to have the steps on how you propose to get there. This is where it gets interesting and divergent. Some take the crowdfunding backed by an establishment wherein they have access to studies, researched findings and connected intellectuals.

Others publish their findings and provide public insights to them. Companies that already have large groups of people in their network and data on them are surely also working on taking advantage of a networked future. All these things are as one would expect, except for the guy like me in his rowboat. No big funds, no institutional support structures, just a goal destination and determination to get there.

One man (read as all inclusive) can make a difference, Jesus did. And no, I am not comparing myself to him, only demonstrating how one person can make a difference if enough people believe in them.

Which is why, the growth of this collective intelligence network will be more organic. It’ll be guided by the collective wisdom, the very thing that science has shown delivers superior results. Presently, I am the hand on the rudder guiding direction however as a total believer that #allofusaresmarterthanoneofus, look forward to the involvement of others in this endeavour.

How I see it working, is people will rally around some of the initiatives that I started as just one person, one brain. Albeit, I did have other brains contribute by way of direct face to face conversations with them.

As we all know, it is nigh on impossible to be all things to all people. Also trying to cover all the bases with ( being optimistic here), a few contributors, ( bearing in mind am at zero right now, hey the only way is up right :) ) means a narrow focus is required.

One would hope, as more #collectiveintelligenceagents contribute with their upvoted inputs, that mainstream media will pick up on what is happening and massively jump start the initiatives.

It is then, in this way, that a global example will have demonstrated a proof of concept that will enable and provide a collective intelligence network that delivers real world solutions to real world problems.

Back to the rowboat, I know, time is a bit funny like that. I’d liken this moment to the rowboat being a life raft, looking to pick up people in difficulty and I really need help to do this. The more that do, the more help we can provide. By the way, the exertion required is your brainpower while you sit comfortably on your lounge on the internet connecting device of your choice.

As excited as you may have been at the prospect of the sea spray lashing your face as you navigate the crests of open sea waves trying to push forward one paddle stroke at a time.

Anywho, what can I do you may ask, well following my posts is a start I guess and we’ll work out the rest soon.

Much more to follow, please stay tuned…….

#allofusaresmarterthanoneofus #collectiveintelligenceagent

#enfjbillionaire #originalcin



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