How to stop kids from living a life of crime.

Here is a plan to help children become the best versions of themselves and avoid juvenile delinquency pathways:

In the book “Neoromarketing” it identified that the basal ganglia (reptilian brain) in humans was responsible for decision making.

This part of the brain thinks in terms of contrast, so:

When speaking with children who are starting to venture down the wrong road in life, you can appeal to them thus!

If you keep doing what you are doing, this is where you’ll end up!

Or you can choose this option which will see you here as the best version of your self!

Which do you want?

Clearly a percentage will still want to floor it down the wrong path, which is why the wording of interactions are critical. Planting the seed of positive choices should help bring them back on track.

Part of the picture to paint for them for the best version of themselves is this.

I would like to know what you are interested in and enjoy doing? Okay let’s have a look here in the library for information on it and also let’s see if they have activities for it.

Growing up may seem like a long way away for you right now but have you thought about what it is that you’d like to do?

Now here is a list of all the jobs in the future that are going to be in high demand and pay well ( bearing in mind passions don’t always align with high pay rates). Which one do you think you’d like to do?

Okay let’s go and see what we can find out about it here at the library and also if they have any activities for it( you can help establish them).

Eg 3D printing, writing code, making video games.

The future is smart and by helping them find their path sooner, they will be at an advantage.

In the book, “Blink, the power of thinking without thinking “ it is the years of experience that make people better at what they do.

A 10–12 year old working on their areas of interest and passion aligned with a job role to fit them will be a long way ahead of their peers at 18…..








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