Living in a David v Goliath World

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Global events, both natural and man made, can really emphasis how little control we, individually, really have over any of them.

In fact, they can be downright overwhelming and leave you with a sense of powerlessness against them.

In many respects, the individual is the David of this article post.

Which naturally then leads you to wonder, who then is, Goliath?

Before I answer that, I would like you to consider, how you frame the world. That is, your day to day activities, interests, goals, aspirations, family, friends, essentially, your world.

Now in this, very personally private world of yours, that individually, we all share, who is looking out for you?

Is it, the government? Corporations? Or is it pretty much, just yourself and perhaps a few really close friends and family if they are able or interested enough to do so?

Any wonder we can feel overwhelmed and powerless in our day to day lives.

Meanwhile, Goliath isn’t troubled or plagued by these problems. Goliath is so big and powerful that he/she is in control of nearly everything. Which then means that, you as David, are not seen as an equal and your voice is so tiny, that it’s either not heard, or it’s ignored.

Presently, there isn’t a platform or mechanism to really empower the David’s of the world so that their collective voice is heard so loudly that Goliath will turn his/her head.

Why would you want to get Goliath”s attention you may well ask? Well as we individually, get on with our lives, Goliath is planning and preparing how WE/YOU will fit into his/her world view. A world that you are not being able to contribute your voice or concerns into.

The system we presently rely upon is way less than ideal and for David to be able to stand up to Goliath, we need to individually unite.

In fact, if/ when we do, Goliath will not only listen to us but will do what WE tell him/her to do or, David, casually reaches down to the ground and picks up a pebble and places it in his slingshot….

Corporations, Governments, high net worth individuals and the World Economic Forum, could be likened to a global Goliath.

Uniting nearly 5 billion individuals with internet access together by way of a collective intelligence network, David will be able to not only stand up to Goliath but advise him on the best way forward for humanity.

Much more to follow, please stay tuned…….

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