The most profound thing I’ve ever read!

This incite has had me engaged ever since I first saw it. Up until that point, I had never heard of Richard Buckminster Fuller.

To me it has the potential to be Humanity 2.0, though it has so many layers to consider.

As there is no (as far as I know) pre existing terms of reference for a concept such as this, it is very abstract.

Taking into consideration the reality of our present world and here in the West, our capitalism based society, any change will be incremental.

Mr Fuller’s statement and vision will need to be cleverly engineered by working with the current mechanisms we use in our day to day lives.

I have been struggling for some time with conceptualising what type of a system would accommodate Mr Fuller’s concept.

It isn’t capitalism, socialism, communism or any other “ism”.

The closest concept I have been able to find is called, “Capitalistic Socialism”, a phrase first coined in 2005 by an article in The Washington Times.

Pure capitalism rewards on merit but can exclude the more disadvantaged in society.

Pure socialism leads to mediocrity as it lacks the same financial return incentives as presented by capitalism, yet provides for all.

A blend of the two however, ensures that those who are more disadvantaged in society are not excluded, isolated, ignored, overlooked and living below the poverty line on the fringes of society.

While the capitalist side of society can continue on, enriching and employing people.

Now in this dualistic reality, there is private enterprises and public/ government ones.

The government in many respects in the West plays the role or facilitator of the socialism aspect of society, though to do so relies a lot on the taxes from the private enterprises.

To perform better, we need to introduce the third wheel, so that the government can make better use of the tax it receives, or even reduce taxes. What, reduce taxes… I know, they probably should but let’s face it, unlikely, unfortunately.

Unless they decide to pay, teachers, emergency service personnel, defence personnel, nurses etc more!!

The third wheel, or missing element is presently operating in society, though it needs a societal 21st Century upgrade.

What I’m talking about are NGO’s or not for profit, Non Government Organisations. Now these NGO’s which currently source their capital via donations, fundraising, events etc could change their business model.

Let me explain. NGO’s could change their business model so that they engage with the business/corporate entities and for a fee provide them with knowledge. Clients via the NGO can provide a complimentary synergy in so far as they need the goods and services from the corporations and the corporations want/need customers.

In this way the NGO provides, data, feedback, customer incites, trends, requests, possible bulk customer loyalty schemes etc etc.

This scenario allows governments to save money across a range of areas and better enables free market conditions to flourish.

Furthermore, each NGO allows market segmentation which allows for a greater cross sectional representation of corporations clients. It also is a more targeted way to deliver positive outcomes for their clients as opposed to relying on fragmented government support and charitable donations to fund their enterprises.

Much more to follow, please stay tuned…….

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