The Wisdom of Women

When I was serving in the military, I learned that the way to effect any change was to do so within the available systems. Even then however, it is nigh on impossible to innovate within a hierarchical system without 100% support from the very top.

Here is a link to what is needed:

Sadly, many organisations are also just as difficult to try and effect change within but those that do create very powerful outcomes.

After I had left the military (again) and gone back to my pre-military occupation I had a conversation with a female client.

This client was quite senior in her position and somewhat disturbingly to me, told me how she had plenty of friends/associates who were basically let go from their positions when they were around 45 years old!

The conversation, triggered me into wanting to do something about it. The following was what I did.

I considered, what can be done so that more female agendas/issues/concerns can be elevated to a level that will see something done about them.

Females, while around 50% of the population are underrepresented significantly in many areas. For instance, there are only around 14% of major corporations that are headed by a female CEO. Part of the dilemma here is men continue in their career while women have to put it on hold while having children. This is then further exacerbated by a bit of a boys club at senior levels that favour male promotions.

Females over the age of 55 are statistically more likely to be homeless than other groups.

The pay gaps between the two sexes are still being discussed and are not there yet for many industries/ sectors.

The answer to me, form a political party. Here in Australia, you only need 500 people to form a political party. It could be called, “Wisdom of Women” and the slogan, “Looking for the WOW Factor”

The party would have an agenda to bring forth in Parliament, legislative changes and tabling of issues that concerned females. It however is not a party that is exclusively for women but open to all, provided that they were on board and supportive of the initiative.

This party would appeal and resonate with at least 50% of the voting public. Further to this, I believe with greater female parliamentary representation that, policies would be developed that were less aggressive, confrontational and divisive.

The flow on effect would see better international diplomatic relations that thereby would reduce the possibility of conflict, pain, suffering and death.

I rang the Women’s electoral lobby which has been in operation for over 50 years. I told them of my idea and they told me that, “we don’t get calls like this from men.” I had reached out to them as I thought, as they table women’s issues to both sides of parliament, then they may well have a lot of policies that could be incorporated into the party. All of this is very formative and as such I haven’t really pressed hard into this initiative. After all, I do need 500 people who will support it!

I created a Facebook group called, Wisdom of women and presently only have a few members but I also haven’t really promoted it either.

Elle UK’s Magazine created a #morewomen campaign whereby they photoshopped out all the men from political photos to see what the world would look like if literally all the men weren’t in the picture…. Below is an example

Startling isn’t it?

Much more to follow, please stay tuned…….

#morewomen #allofusaresmarterthanoneofus

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